Discover Islam

Ministry of Islamic Affairs
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 101 | Size: 2.5 MB

Discover Islam: A brief book that guides a person towards Islam, Islam is the religion and way of life of about one Fifth of the world’s population. Muslims are of diverse nationalities, cultures and races, but their Religion teaches that all humanity is essentially equal. It guides them to the Straight Path.


1. Foreword
2. Islamic Beliefs
3. The Requirements of Islam
4. Muhammad the Messenger of Allah (SAW)
5. Questions and Answers
6. Creedal Issues ….

*Who is Allah? Do Muslims worship a different God?
*The Qur’an uses the word “We” when quoting God.
Does that mean that Muslims believe in more than one God?
*The Qur’an says that Allah is merciful and that He gives severe punishment. Is He forgiving or Is He vengeful?
*Some believe that Muslims worship Muhammad. Is it true?
*Is Islam fatalistic?
*How can you confirm the existence of life after death?

7. The Qur’an and other Scriptures

*Is it not true that Muhammad wrote the Qur’an or copied from the Bible?
*How does the Qur’an differ from other scriptures?

8. Jesus, the Messenger of Allah (AS)

*Is it correct that Muslims do not believe in Jesus or other prophets?
*What does the Qur’an say about Jesus (As)?

9. Islam, science and health matters

*Is Islam opposed to knowledge and science?
*The Qur’an says that only Allah knows what is in the womb. Does this not contradict medical science?
*The Qur’an mentions that man is created from dust and it mentions that he is created from sperm. Isn’t this contradictory?
*Why is the consumption of alcohol prohibited?

10. Women in Islam

*Does Islam oppress women?
*Why do Muslim women wear the veil?
*Why does Islam permit polygamy?
*Why can’t a woman from having more than one husband?
*Why does Islam impose such harsh punishments for sex outside marriage?
*Under Islamic law, why is a woman’s share of inherited wealth half that of a man’s?

11. Islam and Terrorism

*What is “Jihad”?
*Is Islam a militant religion?
*Are Muslims terrorists?
*How can Islam be called a religion of peace when “it was spread by the sword”?
* The Qur’an says that Muslims should kill the nonbelievers wherever they find them. Does this mean that Islam promotes violence, bloodshed and brutality?

12. Universality of the Message of Islam

*Is it true that Islam is a religion only for Arabs?
*All religions basically teach their followers to do good deeds, so why should a person follow Islam?


There is hardly any place on earth today where Islam is totally unknown. More and more people have become curious enough to find out something about this much publicized religion; more often than not, they have been pleasantly surprised.

Islam is the religion and way of life of about one fifth of the world’s population. Muslims are of diverse nationalities, cultures and races, but their religion teaches that all humanity is essentially equal. Islam is generally misunderstood and misrepresented in contemporary Western societies; therefore, it is hoped that this booklet will help shed light on Islam and dispel many of the prevailing misconceptions.

With this objective in mind, al-Jumuah Magazine presents a brief overview of Islam, followed by answers to some of the most commonly asked questions by non-Muslims.

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