How To Become A Muslim

AbdulRahman Bin Abdulkarim Al-Sheha
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How To Become A Muslim: An informative and detailed guide to new Muslims discussing the main pillars of Islam, Faith, as well as various commandments and prohibitions in Islam.

How Does One Enter the Fold of Islam?

In order to enter the fold of Islam and become a Muslim, there are no specific religious rituals or customs that one need to perform, neither in specific areas nor in front of specific people. This is due to the fact that Islam is a direct relationship between the slave and His Lord without any intermediaries. Also one does not need to exert great efforts [to enter its fold], he merely needs to utter a few words which are easy on the tongue but very weighty in meaning. One who has decided to become Muslim says the following words in order to enter the fold of Islam, which is called the ‘Shahaadataan’:

“Ash-hadu an laa ilaaha ill-Allah, wa ashhadu anna Muhammadan
‘abd-ullahi wa rasooluh.

“I testify that there is no true deity except Allah, and I
testify that Muhammad is His slave and Messenger.”

This statement is the key to the door of Islam. Whoever utters it shuns all other religions besides Islam and all beliefs which differ from it. Through this statement, he receives the rights which all other Muslims receive, and he must fulfill the rights which all other Muslims must fulfill. His wealth, honor and blood become consecrate and protected, except for those cases in which the Islamic law needs to intercede. It is true that one is regarded to be a Muslim by what is outward and apparent and that only Allah knows what is truly in his heart, but one must know the meanings found in the Shahaadataan.


How to Become Muslim ?
How Does One Enter the Fold of Islam?
The Shahaadataan
The Meaning of Laa Ilaaha Ill-Allah
The Meanings of the Shahaadah:

The Conditions of the Shahaadah

6)Sincerity of worship:

The Fruits of having Eemaan (Belief)in Allah

Eemaan in the Angels

Fruits of Eemaan in the Angels

Eemaan in Allah’s Books

1)The Scriptures of Ibraaheem (u)(Abraham)and Musaau)(Moses):

2)The Tawraah:

3)The Zaboor:

4)The Injeel:

5)The Noble Qur`an:

The Fruits of Eemaan in Allah’s Books

Eemaan in Allah’s Messengers

Who is Muhammad (PBUH)?

The Fruits of Eemaan in the Messengers

Eemaan in the Last Day

1)To believe in the life of the Barzakh:

2)To believe in the Resurrection:

3)To believe in the Gathering:

4)To believe that people will be set before Allah:

5)To believe that one’s limbs will bear witness.

6)To believe in the Questioning.

7)To believe in the Siraat,

8)To believe in the weighing of deeds on the Scale.

9)To believe in the handing out of scrolls and books.

10)To believe that people will be rewarded

11)To believe in the Hawd, Intercession, and all other things.

The Fruits of Eemaan in the Last Day.

Eemaan in Qadaa´and Qadar

The belief in Qadar means to believe in four things:

The Fruits of Eemaan in Qadaa´and Qadar

The Testimony that ‘Muhammad is the Messenger

What One Should Do After Pronouncing the Shahaadataan

A Description of a Complete Bath (Ghusl)

Ghusl becomes obligatory after one of the following things:

The Wudoo´

Tayammum (Dry Ablution)

The Salaah (Prayer)

The Fruits of Salaah

The Timings of the Salaah

The Prerequisites of Salaah

A Description of the Salaah

Voluntary Prayers

The Forbidden Times of Prayer


The Conditions of Zakaah

Those Eligible for Zakaah

Important Notes

The Fast (Siyaam)of Ramadaan


A Description of Hajj

The Worship of Allah

The Individual and Social Effects of Worship

The Commandments of Islam

Various Prohibitions

Selected Supplications,Words of Remembrance

Brotherly Advice

Appendix I: Various Chapters of the Quran

Appendix II: Supplications after the Obligatory Prayers

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