Islam And Secularism

Shaykh Salman b. Fahd al-Oadah
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This short treatise began as a lecture that I gave many years ago at the Abû Bakr Grand Mosque in Madinah. My speech was concise and quite general, though the topic itself is vast and multifaceted. I have kept this treatise equally as concise to provide for readers who just need a general introduction to this topic. For those readers who want to explore this matter further, there are many books available. One of the best, in my opinion, is the book Secularism written by my esteemed colleague Sheikh Safar al-Hawâlî. The struggle between Islam and secularism is nothing new. It is just the age old struggle between Islam and Jâhiliyyah1 in a new guise. Jâhiliyyah, the way of ignorance, comes in many forms, has many names, and adopts various symbols, but it always has the same common denominator – polytheism. The conflict between Islam and secularism is none other than the conflict between Islam and polytheism. It is the struggle against the enemies of the Prophets that began in antiquity when Allah sent the very first Prophet to humanity and it will continue until Allah puts an end to the Earth and everything on it.

I have organized this treatise into the following chapters:

Chapter One: A Contemporary Manifestation of Jâhiliyyah
Chapter Two: No Place for Secularism in the Muslim World
Chapter Three: How Secularism Came to Islamic Lands
Chapter Four: Defining a Secularist
Chapter Five: The Need to Confront Secularism

I ask Allah (SWT) to make this effort of mine exclusively for His sake and to accept it from me.

I humbly ask Him to reward me for it and to forgive me my mistakes. Truly, Allah (SWT) is
capable of all things. Continue reading