Al-Wala Wal-Bara: According To The Aqeedah Of The Salaf (Parts 1/2/3)

Muhammad al-Qahtani
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The book deals with the concept of Loving for the sake of Allah and hating for the sake of Allah. It was originally submitted for a Masters Degree at the Department of Aqeedah Umm al Qorah University in Makkah. The subject matter of this work is of paramount importance and utmost interest for two major reasons: Firstly, it is concerned with one of Islam’s main foundations, namely the qualities of al‐wala’ wa’1‐bara’, which are two major prerequisites of true faith: al‐wala’ is a manifestation of sincere love for Allah, His prophets and the believers; al‐bara’, on the other hand, is an expression of enmity and hatred towards falsehood and its adherents. Both are evidence of iman. Secondly, it has been written at a very crucial time: everything has become so mixed up that some Muslims are no longer aware of those qualities which distinguish the believers from the non‐believers; their faith has become so weak that they have adopted patterns of behaviour that are absolutely repugnant to a sincere believer; they have taken the disbelievers as their friends, while displaying enmity towards many of the believers by disparaging their character and degrading them.

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The Tenets Of Faith Creed Of Ahlu Alsunnah And Aljamah

Muhammad Bin Saleh Al-Othaimeen
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The Tenets of Faith, Creed of Ahlu Alsunnah and Aljamah: This Book Present Pillars of the Islamic Believes in a very Simple way. Continue reading

Join The Caravan

Sheikh Abdullah Azzam
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Written at the peak of the Afghan Jihad in 1987, this book was one of the principal inspirations for thousands of Muslims from all over the World to go and fight in Afghanistan to defend Muslim blood, property and honour. The Sheikh brought together evidences from the Quran, the Sunnah of the Prophet (SAWS) and the early scholars to explain the concept of fighting in the Way of Allah as applicable today. Fully referenced, this new edition is complete with inspiring stories from early and latter generations to provide a comprehensive study from a scholar who practised what he preached. Continue reading

[Hisn Almuslim] Fortress Of The Muslim: Invocations From The Qur’an And Sunnah

Saeed Bin Ali Bin Wahf Al-Qahtani
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Fortress of the Muslim, Invocations from the Qur’an and Sunnah: is a very beautiful booklet consists of many authentic Dua’s (supplications) for a Muslim to supplicate on a daily basis and on special occasions.

Author’s Note

This book is an abridgment of my earlier work entitled, Adh-Dhikr wad-Du’a wal-’llaj bir-Ruqyah mina’-Kitab was-Sunnah. In order to make it small and easily portable, I have chosen only the section on words of remembrance for this abridgment. To achieve this, I only mentioned the text of the words of remembrance instead of the entire Hadith. I also limited myself to mentioning only one or two references from the original book for each Hadith. Whoever would like to know about the Companion who related a particular Hadith, or more information about where it is recorded, should refer to the original work (mentioned above). I ask Allah the Glorious, the Mighty, by His beautiful Names and by His sublime Attributes to accept this as having been done sincerely for His sake alone. I ask Him to bring me its benefits during my lifetime and after my death. May those who read it, those who print it, or have had any role in distributing it, benefit from it also. Surely He, glory be unto Him, is Capable of all things. May the peace and blessings of Allah be upon our Prophet, Muhammad, and upon his family and Companions and whoever follows them in piety until the Day of Judgment. Continue reading

Foundation Of The Sunnah

Imaam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal
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This is the second treatise in the collection The Beliefs of the Pious Predecessors and the People of Hadeeth. The Author present it to the respected readers after Allaah has ennobled him by making him concerned with it and by checking and verifying the ahaadeeth mentioned therein, (all) by the bounty of Allaah, the Exalted. Continue reading

The Authentic Creed And The Invalidators Of Islam

Abdul Aziz bin Abdullah bin Baz
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The Authentic Creed And The Invalidators Of Islam: The most important matter for every Muslim is the correctness of his beliefs. Islam established on the basis of sound creed and it opposes all false superstitions and erroneous systems of belief. Thus, it is essential for every Muslim to make certain that his beliefs are correct and in accordance with the Quran and authentic Sunnah of the Prophet (S). This small but important book covers all basic information and we hope that readers will recognize the importance of this treaties by Shaikh Ibn Baz. Continue reading

The Ideological Attack

Shaykh Abdul Azeez bin Baaz
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Ever since the beginning of Islaam, the unbelievers have never ceased plotting against this precious Muslim ummah (nation) in order to inject into it the poison of disbelief, deviation and moral degradation. By this the enemies of Islaam have sought to corrupt the values and beliefs of the sons and daughters of Islaam, as well as seeking to remove the Book of Allaah and the Sunnah of His Messenger sallallaahu ‘alayhi wa sallam from being their source of guidance and their source of legislation in the various Islaamic lands. Over the fourteen centuries of Islaam, the unbelievers have gradually succeeded in some of these plots! By the end of the 20th century the world has witnessed a re-shaping. The main target of this New World order is undoubtedly Al Islaam. Through its military and ideoligacal tactics it seeks to destro the body of Islam through every method that is available. This book allows us to note all these forms of attack. Continue reading

The Evils Of The Tongue

Islamhouse Publications
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The Evils Of The Tongue: Various Prohibitions regarding Speech.


All Praise are due to Allah. First and foremost I thank Allah, the Generous, for having finally made this humble effort a reality. We praise Him because if it were not for His Graciousness, it would never materialize, as He Himself, reminds us in a Qudsi Hadeeth: “…Know if the Nation (all mankind) were to gather together to benefit you with something, it would only benefit you with something that Allah had already prescribed for you…” [at-Tirmidhi] Also, the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him) said: “Whoever does not show gratitude to mankind is not grateful to Allah.” [Abu Dawood, Ahmad & others] I, therefore, express my deepest gratitude to all those who contributed directly or indirectly to bringing this publication to this final format, because I would never have been able, by myself, to achieve this.

There are some people who deserve special mention because of their tremendous sacrifice and help in seeing this job through and they are: Brother ‘Imran Ferouz Raghubar for completely reviewing and verifying the authenticity of its content. Brothers: Bilaal Nantambu, Azam Mohamed, Shaheed Ahamad, Haseeb Yusuf and Nasir Jabar for proof reading it and making many valuable suggestions.

Brother Fatal Bacchus for always being willing to assist. And, most importantly, Brother Haseeb Khan and his staff for their selflessness in affording me the total use of their computers, and to Brother Haseeb Khan specifically for his invaluable suggestions for layout and other technicalities relative to typesetting, and for his design of the cover.

May Allah, the Most High bless all of us, and may He cause the efforts of all involved to be purely for Him, and may He store its reward for us with Himself. Ameen. Continue reading

Islam And Christianity

Ulfat Aziz-us-Samad
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Islam accepts all the Prophets and believes in the Divine origin of the great religions of the world. It is, therefore, with feelings of profound reverence and love for both Jesus and Muhammad for the religions which they preached that the author of this book has attempted a comparative study of Christianity and Islam. If at times she disagrees with Christians, it is not over the religion of Jesus Christ, but over the somewhat altered shape and features that it developed after the departure of Christ. In the words of Lord Headley, ” Islam and Christianity, as taught by Christ himself, are sister religions, only held apart by dogmas and technicalities which might very well be dispensed with.” Continue reading