Concept Of God In Major Religions

Dr. Zakir Abdul Karim Naik
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The issue of the deeds of the hearts is an immensely important subject, and this is why many scholars have written countless books on the subject – in order to remind and encourage people to perform them. These deeds require sacrifice and exertion because one’s salvation is dependant on them; moreover, the deeds of the limbs will not be performed if these of the heart are absent. Reliance upon Allaah is something that has an immense impact on a person; it is an implication of belief and is one of the finest deeds and acts of worship by which the slave can draw close to Allaah, the All-Merciful; It is one of the highest ranks of Islaamic monotheism because nothing can occur except through one relying and depending upon Allaah for it to do so.



Categoriesation of the major world religions

Concept of God in Hinduism

Concept Of God in Sikhism

Concept of God in Zoroastrianism

Concept of God in Judaism

Concept of God in Christianity

Concept of God in Islam

Attributes of God

All Religions Ultimately Believe in Monotheism




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