Paradise And Hell: The Final Day In The Light Of The Qur’an And Sunnah

Umar Sulaiman al-Ashqar
Language: English |  Format: PDF| Pages: 106 | Size: 1.5 MB

Nothing is more important to the believer (i.e. the Muslim/Muslimah) than attaining admittance to paradise and avoiding Hell. This will be the fruit of his/her deeds in this life. These issues, which are matters of the unseen, are major issues of faith. In this book, Dr. ‘Umar S. al-Ashqar has covered all the facts pertaining to these issues. The descriptions of Paradise and Hell and their inhabitants will make goal in life, and keep him/her busy in remembering these realities.



Definition and Explanation
Paradise and Hell Have Already Been Created
The Keepers of Hell
The Location of Hell
The Vast Extent of Hell
The Levels of Hell
The Gates of Hell
The Fuel of Hell
The Intensity of its Heat and Vastness of its Sparks
Hell Can Speak and See
Ibn ‘Umar’s Vision of Hell
Can Anyone See Hell in Reality Before the Day of Resurrection?
Its Effects on the Earth and Its Inhabitants
The People of Hell and Their Evil Deeds
The Worst Evil Deeds of Those Eternally in the Fire
Evil Deeds that Lead to the Fire
Specific Individuals in The Fire
The Disbelieving Jinn
Those Who Will Not Remain in the Fire Eternally
The Vast Number of Inhabitants
The Wisdom Behind So Many Inhabitants
Women Will Form the Majority
The Huge Size of the Inhabitants
Their Food, Drink and Clothing
The Punishment of the People of Hell
The Intensity of their Suffering
Pictures of their Punishment
The Punishment of the People of Hell Will Vary in Degree
Roasting the Skin
Blackening the Face
The Fire Will Surround the Kuffaar
The Fire Will Leap Over Their Hearts
Their Entrails
The Chains, Fetters and Hammers of the People of Hell
They Will Be Accompanied by their Objects of Worship
Their Sorrows, Regrets and Supplications
How to Safe Oneself from the Fire

PARADISE: The Eternal Abode

Admittance to Paradise
The Believers Will be Purified Before Entering Paradise
The First To Enter Paradise
Those Who Enter Without Account
The Poor Ahead of the Rich
The First Three to Enter
The Sinners Among the Believers Will Enter Jannah
The Last To Enter Paradise
Those Who Enter Before the Day of Resurrection
Paradise: There is Nothing Like It
The Gates of Paradise
The Levels of Paradise
The Highest and Lowest Positions
Those Who Take Their Position in the Highest Levels
The Soil of Paradise
The Rivers of Paradise
The Springs of Paradise
The Palaces of Paradise
The Light of Paradise
The Fragrance of Paradise
The Fruits and Trees of Paradise
Animals and Birds in Paradise
The People of Paradise:
The Deeds that Merit Entry Into Paradise
The Way to Paradise is Hard
The People of Paradise Will Inherit The Portion of Jannah Intended for Those in the Hell
The Weak and Destitute
More Women or Men?
The Children of the Believers
The Children of the Mushrikeen
The Number of People from this Ummah in Paradise
The Leaders of the People of Paradise
Those Who Were Promised Paradise
Paradise is Not the Equivalent of Deeds
Description of the People of Paradise and the Delights Therein
The Superiority Of Paradise over the Pleasures of This World
Their Food and Drink
Their Vessels and Cups
Their Clothing and Jewellery
Their Couches
Their Servants
The Market
The Gatherings and Conversations in Paradise
Their Wishes
Their Wives and the Hoor al-’Ayn
The People of Paradise Will Laugh at The Inhabitants of the Fire
Tasbeeh and Takbeer are the Amongst the Delights of Paradise
The Greatest Delight: Ridwaan Allaah and Looking At His Face
Earning the Blessings Of Paradise Doesn’t Necessitate Foregoing Pleasures in This World
The Conclusion of Their Prayer Will Be “Al-Hamdulillaahi Rabbil-Aalameen”

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