A Call To Migrate From The Lands Of The Disbelievers To The Lands Of The Muslims


Shaykh ‘Abd al‐‘Azīz bin Sālih al‐Jarbū’
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 66 | Size: 1 MB

The believers have had a recent taste of the calls of the delinquents in our societies – those who seek to deceive their religion and Ummah – for the Muslims to gather and live with the disbelievers, and that we must fear for ourselves from ourselves – not from the West, and not from the disbelieving, apostate governments – and that there is no problem whatsoever for us in living with the Jews and Christians, or with the regimes that serve them, and that the problem with the West and the apostate regimes is in living with us. These deceivers are confused between the mercy and freedom given by Islām to the People of the Book – a very narrow, specific freedom – versus taking them as allies, and between the delaying of implementing the rulings of apostasy upon the apostates due to the lack of ability to do so versus loving to live with them, since they have never been exposed to the true nature of this religion. They lack deep faith in this belief, and they do not realize the nature of the battle between us and the enemies of Allāh, who are of various beliefs, some even being from those who ascribe themselves to Islām.


Introduction 5
Defining the Term ‘Dār’ 10
Defining the Term ‘Hijrah’ 14
The Ruling on Hijrah from Dār al‐Islām to Dār al‐Kufr 15
The Four Situations of the Potential Muhājir, and Their Relevant Rulings 20
The Reality of Openly Practicing One’s Religion 36
Principles Upon the Path of Hijrah 41

Conclusion 51

Appendix 1: The Muslims Born in the Lands of the Disbelievers 53
Appendix 2: Hijrah To the Lands of Kufr 56
Appendix 3: To Where Should One Make Hijrah? 57

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