The Slicing Sword

Abedallah ibn Abd Al-Bari al Ahdal
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 56 | Size: 1 MB

The Slicing Sword Against The One Who Forms Allegiances With The Disbelievers And Takes Them As Supporters Instead Of Allah, His Messenger And The Believers. This book “The Slicing Sword” Represents the answers given by Shaykh Abd Allah al Bari al Ahdal to questions on the topic of Hijra (migration for the sake of Allah) and al-wala and al bara (loyalty to Allah and disavowal of the enemies of Allah.) The importance of this book lies in the fact that the situation that Shaykh was face with similar to our circumstances today which gives relevance to his answers. Aden was occupied by the British in 1873 and the author died around 1854. So his time was one in which the power of the Ottoman Khilafah was waning while the Western powers were on the rise. Therefore, this was a time when there were some Muslims who were replacing their pride in being Muslim and being subjects of Muslim rile with being subjects of Western occupiers and sailing under Western flags.

Table of Contents:

Shaykh Anwar al-Awlaki’s Foreword

Translator’s Foreword

Author’s Introduction


Muslims Emigrating to the Lands, Which Were Seized by the Enemy, in Order to Build up its Economy While it Remains in their Control


The Muslim Who Claims to be From the Community of the Christians and Identifies Himself with Their Flags etc.


The Ruling Upon the Muslim Who Attributes Justice to the Christians and Approves of Their Authority and Scoffs at the Muslim Authority and their Leadership


The Ruling Upon the Muslim Who Ships Goods and Supplies to the Christian Lands and the Ruling Upon Another Muslim Who Kills Him for Doing That


The Ruling Upon the Muslims Who Remain Inside the Country, Which was Seized and Occupied by Foreign Invaders, and Subsequently Fall Under Their Rule


The Rulings Upon Those Who Emigrate to The Muslim Lands vs. Those Who Emigrate to the Lands of the Disbelievers and the Effect Upon the Wealth of Both Types of Emigration


The Funeral Prayer of the One Who Claims to be from the Community of the Christians vs. the Funeral Prayer for the One Who Claims to Belong to the Community of the Muslim Kingdom


The Ruling Upon the One Who Turns Away From the Ruling of Islâm in Favour of the Ruling of the Christian Laws

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