Sirat Ibn Hisham – Biography Of The Prophet

Abdu-Salam M.Harun
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 344 | Size: 13 MB

This book shows that people before the advent of Islam were plunged in the depths of ignorance and idolatry. They used to eat corpses, to commit abominations, to severe blood ties, to neglect duties of hospitality and neighborliness, and to use only the law of the strong. Then Allah sent the Prophet Muhammad to call them to the Oneness of Allah, and taught them not to associate anything with Him. He forbade them the worship of idols, and enjoined them to speak the truth, to be faithful to their trusts, to be merciful and to regard the rights of the neighbors as well as kith and kin, and to refrain from crimes and bloodshed.

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2 comments on “Sirat Ibn Hisham – Biography Of The Prophet

  1. Salamalykum. JazakAllah khayr for all your uploads. However, there is a problem with this Sirah of Ibn Hisham (and I have noticed it with all the other PDF versions I have found online too). After page 110, the pages get jumbled up and the odd numbered pages disappear. Is it possible to get a full PDF version of the Sirah?

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