The Path To The Land Of The Battle

Imam Yusuf ibn Salih Al-Uyayri
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 12 | Size: 1 MB

Indeed, many of the Muslims today are completely aware that the Jihād has become Fardh ‘Ayn [obligatory on each and every single individual] upon this Ummah, to repel the Crusading Onslaught against the lands of the Muslims. And the Muslims are also completely aware that the Mujāhidīn – nay, this Islāmic Ummah – is in dire necessity of true men who will fight for the sake of this Dīn, and for the blood and honor of the Muslims. But alas! The majority of the Muslims have not translated this awareness into action, the fruit of which should be their joining (the Victorious Group) in the Land of the Battle. Instead, they waste themselves and melt away when they are asked something like: “Where is the path to the lands of the Jihād? How can we get to the lands of the confrontations?”

And with deep sadness, the response this question gets from most of the sons of Muslims, is not a response in which they begin to look for the path sincerely by searching for the means and links – but rather, they respond by sitting, and by not searching for the means and links, and they fool themselves by thinking this to be an excuse which will be accepted when they are standing in front of Allāh. So the author will discuss here regarding the path to the Jihād, and how the Ummah can reach it, and what the meaning of “the path to the Jihād” implies.

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