Islam And Love

Abdullah Nasih ‘Ulwan
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 145 | Size: 8.5 MB

This book represents a concise review of Islam’s viewpoint toward love. It explains the following questions that  Muslims often ask: What is love?, Does Islam acknowledge this phenomenon called love?, What is the wisdom behind  this phenomenon?, What are the various classifications of love? Which type of love is the most sacred in Islam?  What is the Islamic stance toward Uzri or chaste love and flirting? These questions will be answered in detail in  the pages of the book, without any confusion or ambiguity.


The translator made a mistake on page 124 when he said ‘A muslim who follows the way of adultery and  fornication is not a Muslim whether he fasts and prays’, however this should read ‘if he believes these actions to  be halal then he is not a Muslim’. Continue reading