Islamic Fatawa Regarding Women

Muhammad bin Abdul-Aziz Al-Musnad
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 391 | Size: 37 MB

Women face a lot of special problems regarding their menses, postpartum bleeding, istihada, hijab, mixing with men, rights & duties with respect to their husband, husband’s household, children, inheritance, marriage, divorce, etc. More than 350 of such problems & issues have been answered in this book by Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia Sheikh Ibn Baz, and the eminent scholars like Sheikh Ibn Uthaimin, Sheikh Ibn Jibreen and others.


* Translator’s Introduction
* Publisher’s Note
* Biographies
* What Negates One’s Islam
* Hypocrisy is of Two Types

1- Questions Related to Aqidah (Faith)

* Celebrating Birthdays
* How Does One Behave Toward Non-Praying Relative
* About Hiring a Non-Muslim Maid
* Putting Animal’s Skin Upon a Baby’s Stomach
* Putting a Knife On a Child
* Hanging and Possessing Pictures
* Papers that Contain Name of Allah
* Crying Due to Illness
* Picture Making
* Wishing for Death Due to Harm
* Mixing with the Disbelievers
* Reward for Women in Paradise
* Purity and Ostentation
* Celebrating Mother’s Day

2 – Questions Related to Knowledge

* Women and Seeking of Knowledge
* Students Standing for Their Teachers
* Female Teachers for Boys

3 – Questions Related to Physical Purification

* Stating One’s Intention is Innovation
* A Baby Vomits on Clothing
* If a Woman Washes Her Baby, Is Her Ablution Nullified?
* Ruling About Secretion that Comes from Vagina
* Doubt with Respect to Ablution
* How to Wash After Sexual Defilement and Menses
* Praying in a Dress and Thin, Translucent Stockings
* Wiping Over Thin, Translucent Socks
* A slight Tear in Socks is Overlooked
* Ruling Concerning Vaginal Discharge
* Changing the Baby’s Diapers Does Not Nullify Ablution
* Kissing Does Not Nullify Ablution
* She Must Make Ghusl

4 – Questions Related to Menstruation & Post Partum Bleeding

* Using Pills that Prevent Menstruation
* Discontinuation of Bleeding During Menses
* Drops of Blood After Making Ghusl
* If a Woman Ends Her Menses Before Sunset
* Menstruating Woman Cleaning Herself From Urine
* Getting Menses While in Mosque
* Permission for a Menstruating Woman to Recite the Qur’an
* Ruling Concerning a Miscarriage
* Discharge of Blood Before Birth
* Meaning of the Word Quru’
* If Menses Continue for More Than Normal Length
* Miscarriage in the Third Month of Pregnancy
* Prayer of a Menstruating Woman

5- Questions Related to Prayer

* One Who Does Not Pray
* Women Praying Without Hijab
* Devilish Prompting in Prayer
* Doorbell Rings While Praying
* Woman Following Imam in Her House
* No Harm in Reading from a Copy of Our’ an During Thahjjud
* Raising Hands During Witr Prayer
* Performed Witr Then Got Up in the Night
* Doubt During the Prayer
* Delaying the Isha Prayer
* Devilish Whispers During Prayer
* One Who Sleeps Through the Time of Prayer
* Iqama for Women
* Unfounded Prayers
* Interrupting One’s Prayer
* Labor Pains and Prayer
* Is it Necessary to Make Up for the Missed Prayers
* Labor Pains are Expiation of Sins
* Wearing Forbidden Clothing Could Invalidate One’s Prayer

6- Questions Related to Funerals

* No Harm in Husband Washing His Wife’s Body
* Post-Burial Gathering
* No Particular Day for Condolences
* Wailing Over the Dead

7- Questions Related to Zakat

* Zakat on Jewelry with Stone Inlays
* Gold Sold Before Zakat Paid On It
* Can A Husband Pay Zakat for His Wife? Can Zakat be Given to One’s Nephew?
* No Harm in Paying Zakat to One’s Poor Husband
* Giving Zakat to One’s Mother…
* No Zakat on Household Utensils

8- Questions Regarding Hajj and Umrah

* Menses Came Before She Made Umrah
* One is Not Obliged to Perform Hajj Without Mahram
* Women Enter the Ihram in any Clothing They Wish
* Changing the Clothing of Ihram
* Hajj of a Menstruating Woman
* Entering the Ihram While Menstruating
* Waiting Until She Becomes Pure

9- Questions Related to Marriage

* Birth Control
* Appropriate Age for Marriage
* Marriage Comes First
* Young Lady is Not to be Forced
* A Religious Young Man’s Proposal refused by Mother
* One Should Not Marry a Sluggish in Congregational Prayer
* Christian Man Marrying Muslim Woman
* Condition that Must be Fulfilled
* Having Wedding Parties in Hotels
* Women Attending Wedding and Birthday Parties
* Dower is the Right of Woman
* Concerning Polygamy
* No Contradiction in Verses Regarding Polygamy
* A Woman looking at Men
* Women looking at Non-Mahram
* Correspondence between Young Men and Women is Not Allowed
* A Horrendous Crime
* One Should Not Burden His Wife
* Wedding Procession with the Bride and the Groom Together
* Muslim Woman Not to be Wed to a Disbeliever
* Marriage from Distant or Not-Relatives is Preferred
* Marriage with the Intention of Divorcing
* Marriage with the Greatest Blessings
* Choosing a Husband
* Relations Before Marriage
* Coitus Intermptus with the Permission of the Wife
* Remaining with a Husband who Does Not Pray
* Missing Husband has Right of Option
* No Limit to What May be Seen
* Young Lady Refusing Marriage
* Marriage Contract during Menstruation
* Ruling Concerning Anal Intercourse
* Shaking Hands with Non-Related Woman
* Advice to “Old Maids”
* Family Driver and Women
* Correspondence between Opposite Sexes
* Brother-in-Law is Not Mahram
* Speaking to Women on Phone

10- Questions Related to Relations Between the Spouses

* Husband Not Concerned with Wife
* Husband Does Not Treat Well
* Husband Curses and Abuse
* A Woman takes Money from Her Husband without His Knowledge
* Obedience is Only in What is Right
* If a Woman Advised Her Husband
* If Husband is Addicted to Smoking
* If a Wife Prevents Her Husband

11- Questions Related to Breast-Feeding

* Breast-Feeding After Menopause
* Relations from Breast-Feeding

12- Questions Related to Divorce

* Asking for Divorce Due to Need
* Impotence Permits One to Seek Divorce
* I Want Him to Divorce Me
* Divorcing a Menstruating Woman

13- Questions Related to the Waiting Period (Iddah) and Mourning

* What Must the Mourning Widow Abide By
* Wearing a Watch During the Mourning Period
* Mourning Period of a Pregnant Widow
* Does the Elderly Woman Mourn?
* Continuance of Studies During Mourning Period
* If Husband Dies Before Consummation

14- Questions Related to Oaths and Vows

* Not having ability to Fulfill the Vow
* Delaying the Expiation for a Broken Oath
* But I Ate From It
* Making a Vow is Disliked
* Changing the Direction of One’s Vow

15- Questions Related to Injurious Crimes

* No Expiation Upon Her
* She Was Unaware

16- Questions Related to Hijab Dress and Adornment

* Uncovering Face in Front of Husband’s Relatives A Boy Sleeping with Mother or Sister
* Not allowed for a Woman to Shake Hands With a Non-Mahram
* Ridiculing a Woman for Wearing Hijab
* Hijab of a Young Girl
* Hijab of an Elderly Woman
* Hijab of a Female Servant
* Hijab in Front of Non-Muslim Women
* No Hijab in Presence of Son-in-Law
* Woman Riding with a Non-Mahram Chauffeur
* A Woman Not a Mahram for Another
* Wearing Anklets
* A Woman Cutting Her Hair
* Wearing a Wig
* Shortening Eyebrows, Letting Fingernails Grow and Using Nail Polish
* Circular Shaped Gold Jewelry
* High-Heeled Shoes
* Women Using Incense
* Allah is Beautiful and Loves Beauty
* No Harm in Presence of a Blind Man
* A Muslim Woman May Uncover Her Hair in front of Non-Muslim Women
* Wearing a Face Veil
* Wife of the Maternal Uncle is Not Mahram
* Wearing Light Colored Clothing and Wearing Short Dresses
* Fear Allah as Much as You are Able
* Wearing Gloves
* Short Dresses for Young Children
* Uncovering the Hand and Foot
* Buying and Possessing Fashion Magazines
* The Islamic Hijab
* Wearing Ankle Bracelets
* Removing the Headcovering
* Make Your Wife Stick to the Verse
* Independent Living Quarters
* In Front of Husband’s “Foster Father”
* Wearing Nose rings
* Wearing Wigs
* Great Uncles are Mahram
* Not to Obey Such Rulers

17- Questions Related to Being Dutiful to One’s Parents

* That Prayer is Not Accepted
* My Mother Treats Me like a Child
* My Mother Died While She Was Angry With Me

18- Questions Related to Supplications (Du’a)

* Supplicated but Was Not Responded
* Supplication Against One’s Children

19- Questions of a Miscellaneous Nature

* Women Having Shortcoming in Reasoning and Religion
* No Harm in Truthful Joking
* Hadith of the Seven
* Women Driving Automobiles
* Women Working Alongside Men.
* Woman with Her Alcoholic Husband
* Producing, Distributing and Buying Deviant Magazines
* Must Order What is Good Even if
* Exchanging Old Gold for New
* Sins and Effacing of Blessings
* Voice of a Woman
* Leaving House without Husband’s Permission
* A Forbidden Gift
* Keeping a Dog in the House
* Seeing the Deceased in a Dream
* Buying Magazines
* Plastic Surgery
* A Wife Taking from Husband’s Wealth
* Removing Uncommon Hairs from Face
* Hair Gathered on Top of Head
* That Deed is Not Allowed
* Worse People are the Two-Faced
* Giving Preference to Some Children
* Removing Extra Teeth
* Beating Students
* Burying One’s Nails and Hairs
* Reading Qur’an without Knowing its Meaning
* An Invalid Bequeath
* Women Attending Educational Meetings
* Suicide
* Permissible Work for a Woman
* Light Sporting Between Spouses
* Wealth and Dower of a Wife
* Looking at Pictures of Women
* Listening to Music and Watching Depraved Shows
* Not Allowed to Shake Hands Even if Wearing Gloves
* Voluntary Fasts Not Proper Before Making Up for Missed Ones
* Not Allowed for a Husband to Spend Wife’s Wealth
* Shall I Serve My Father-in-Law?
* Cheating On Scientific/Secular Exams
* Cutting One’s Hair
* Harshness of Illness Removes Sins
* To Use Eggs, Honey and Milk to Cure
* Applauding and Whistling
* Not Allowed to Cheat on Exams
* Ridiculing Teachers and Giving Them Nicknames
* Not Allowed for a Teacher to Cheat a Student
* She Did Well But Did Wrong
* Perhaps You Dislike Something


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