Memorizing The Qur’an

Abdur-Rahman Abdul Khaaliq
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 07 | Size: 1 MB

The contents of this concise book are an avice for those intending to memorize the noble Quran.  Included in this book are the following headings which if perfected should insh’Allah increase the speed of memorizing Quran and also make it easier to commit the Quran to memory permanently:

1. Ikhlaas – (Sincerity)
2. Pronunciation and Recitation
3. A Daily Limit for Memorisation
4. Not Surpassing your Limit.
5. Using the Same Copy of the Quran
6. Understanding is the Way to Memorising
7. Only move on when recitation flow’s.
8. Reciting to Others
9. Constantly Returning to what one has Memorised
10. Being Aware of the c Parts of the Quran
11. Taking Advantage of the Golden Years of Memorizing Continue reading