Between Yesterday And Today

Hassan Al Banna
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 16 | Size: 1 MB

This universal mission marked the boundary for all of creation between a dark, oppressive past and a brilliant, shining future, as well as a prosperous and exuberant present A clear announcement of a new order decreed by Allah, the all knowing, the all Wise. Its herald was Mohammed, the bringer of glad tidings and a warner. Its Book was the clear and Enlightening Qur’an. Its soldiers were the vanguards of the Emigrants and the Ansar (helpers) and those who followed them in doing good. It was not contrived by man: it was rather a favour from Allah, for who is better than Allah in his favours?.


* The Message of the Faithful Prophet
* The Qur’anic Method for Social Reform
* The Practical Aspects of This System
* The First Islamic State
* Factors leading to the Dissolution of the Islamic State.
* Political Struggle

– Assaults on the Islamic State
– Revival
– Fruits of the Renaissance in Europe
– A New Attack
– Return to Power
– A New War

* Social Struggle

– A New Civilisation

* The Tyranny of Materialism On Muslim Land
* Our Mission is one of Reawakening and Deliverance

– A Weighty Legacy
– Our General Aims
– Our Specific Aims
– Our General Means
– Further Measures
– Discouragement
– Obstacles in Our Path
– The Factors for Success

* Sincere Advice
* Duties

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