The Virtues Of Jihad

Muhammad Masood Azhar
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 156 | Size: 2 MB

A simple yet comprehensive study regarding the history and rewards of performing Jihad. The hearts of the Kafirs are burning with hate and animosity for Islam but they frightened and scared stiff of the same people whom they have labeled as “the fundamentalists” and “the extremists” These Kafirs are not scared of the Muslims leaders, because they know well that these so-called leaders could bought over a goblet of alcohol. They are not afraid of the Armed Forces of any Muslim country, because they know that these forces are constrained by their Heads of States. The Kafirs only fear the blasts of those bombs which detonated in the Israeli army’s installations and barracks; they are scared of those mines which blast the Indian army’s vehicles. They are frightened of the restriction enforced upon Amarnahh Yatra, (a Hindu religious procession) which shook the whole of India. They fear a blind holy man like Umar Abdul-Rahmad (a distinguished ‘Aalim, presently in a US jail on trumped charges) who dared to speak about the greatness of Islam. They are afraid of those Muslim youth of Europe who openly stroll the streets of London and Paris wearing military clothing and are eager and anxious to participate in the defense of Bosnia. They are scared of shamil Basayev (leader of the Mujahedeen, who successfully carried out the Jihad inside Russia) who with handful of Mujahedeen had forced the whole Russia to their knees. Their hearts are filled with awe of general Dudayev (leader of the Mujahedeen in Chechnya, recently assassinated by the Kafir Russians) who reminds them of Imam Shaamil (the great leader of Muslims of Russia who raised the flag of the Jihad against the then Tsarist Russian Empire). Their minds are disturbed with the thought of those unknown Mujahedeen who forced the Americans to pack their bags from Somalia. They are frightened of those Muslim daughters who somehow transport weapons to the Mujahedeen in Kashmir, Palestine, Bosnia. All Kafirs fear the word of Jihad. It is our duty and responsibility to revive the forgotten obligation of Jihad.

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