Principles Of Islam

Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 28 | Size: 1 MB

An excellent book that covers the baisc principles and beleifs of Islam.  This book takes the reader through a brief excursion of Islams basic beliefs and Pillars and is an excellent introduction for anyone interested in the fundemental belifs of a mulsim.



• Allah
• Angles of Allah
• Books of Allah
• Messengers of Allah
• Al Qadar (the Divine Predestination)
• Akhirah (life after death)


1. SHAHADA (The First Pillar of Islam)

2. SALAH (The Second Pillar of Islam)

• Performance of Wudu (Ablution)
• Athan (call to prayer)
• Iqamah
• Performance of Salah

3. ZAKAT (The Third Pillar of Islam)

4. SAWM RAMADAN (The Fourth Pillar of Islam)

5. Hajj (The Fifth Pillar of Islam)

• Pilgrimage has innumerable benefits
• Manner of Ihram
• After assuming the Ihram

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