The Wives Of The Prophet Muhammad (PBUH): Their Strives And Their Lives

Muhammad Fathi Mus’ad
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 234 | Size: 7.5 MB

Islam greatly honors woman and elevates status whether she is a daughter, a sister, a wife or a mother. In the  glittering Islamic history, many righteous Muslim women played outstanding roles in the life of the Ummah (the  Muslim nation). No doubt, the Prophet’s wives, Mothers of the Believers, preceded others in this regard. They are  the most elite and eligible. No wonder, they lived with the prophet (pbuh) and were brought up on following the  Divine revelation. One feels that the best thing one can present to today Muslim women in the biography of mother  of the Believers in order to discipline themselves under its shade, and derive provisions for the souls there from. This purified biography enlightens the hearts with faith. And connects them together by righteousness and unswerving belief. It makes a link between today Muslim women and the prophet’s wives who were honored by his company in his dwelling, traveling, and battles.

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