Declaration To The Egyptian Nation Particular And To The Arab And Muslim Nations In General

Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Shakir al-Misri
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 12 | Size: 1 MB

Now that the issue has become clear – the issue between us and our enemies – the British and their allies. And it has become clear to the enemies’ children amongst us – those who have suckled the enemies’ breast milk, and to the slaves of the enemies amongst us – those who have handed over their minds and souls to the enemies. Now that the issue has become clear, we whom were raised upon the correct, Islāmic Fitrah are in no doubt about what will happen and the worse that shall occur.

Now that the issue has become clear; Now that the Egyptian nation in its totality has declared its position and desire; Now that al-Azhar has declared its correct position regarding relations with the enemies and supporting them; Thus it is an obligation that the Muslims know the proper, Islāmic regulations on combat and what is relevant. They must have clear awareness, so almost everyone is able to differentiate between the enemy and the ally, and between what is permissible in war and what is impermissible, and between what is obligatory and what is prohibited. So the action of the Muslim in Jihād becomes a correct and pure action – sincerely for Allāh’s pleasure alone. If he is victorious, he is victorious as a Muslim – having the reward of a Mujāhid in this life and the Afterlife. And if he is killed, he is a martyr.

The British have declared against the Muslims of Egypt a destructive and treacherous war – a war of aggression and colonization. They declared it in Sudan – a masked and disguised war, disguised by so-called benefit and opportunities for Sudan and its people. They made it appear delicious by the deception of self-rule, which the Egyptians were fooled by before.

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