Under The Shades Of Swords


Stories of Foreign Mujahideen Martyred in Bosnia

In April 1992, war broke out in the Balkans. Over the next three years, the world was to see one of the greatest atrocities committed against a people. Through the thick cloud of worldwide speeches, conferences and condemnations, a group of individuals merged whom, until today, little is known. From the dusty mountains of Afghanistan to the plush Arabian Gulf, they journeyed to the war-torn region of Bosnia – Herzegovina. They were the Mujahideen, the volunteer Islamic fighters. Out of the hundreds that came and went, a few never returned: the Shuhadaa – those killed in the way of Allah. In the Summer of 1996, Azzam Recordings released the first audio tape of its kind to be produced in English. The name of this tape was: ‘In the Hearts of Green Birds.’ It outlined some of the stories of these men. This tape was so successful, that it spread, by the Will of Allah, throughout many Muslim homes in the UK , North America and Australia . Due to popular demand, in the Summer of 1997, Azzam Recordings produced the sequel to this tape: ‘Under the Shades of Swords.’ We ask Allah to accept the Shuhadaa’ and shower His Mercy upon them. Ameen.

Download Under The Shades Of Swords

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