Women Finally On The Shores Of Islam


Muhammad Rasheed Al-’Uwayyed
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 108 | Size: 3 MB

Allah Almighty says in the noble Qur’an: “O mankind! Be careful of your duty to your Lord Who created you from a single soul and from it created its mate and from them twain hath spread abroad a multitude of men and women. Be careful of your duty towards Allah in Whom ye claim (your rights) of one another, and toward the wombs (that bare you). Lo! Allah hath been a Watcher over you” (An-Nisaa’: 1)

This Qur’anic verse is from the Surah (chapter),”Women”, which should make all those who accuse Islam of denying women their rights know that there is a chapter in the book of Muslims which shows that they are held in high esteem. Thus, I challenge everyone to bring forth any religious book or law written fourteen thousand years ago, which gave women the same rights as those mentioned in this chapter, and the rest of the Qur’an.

When I was first asked to write the editor’s note on the translation of this book, I thought it was an opportunity for me to send a message to those who think that Islam suppresses women. But on second thoughts, I felt that the words should come from the horse’s mouth.

The reader will therefore learn for himself or herself what these women who embraced Islam have to say. Nearly all of them are well educated, and became Muslims during their search for the truth. The translator (herself a woman) did a good job in rendering this book, which I hope will give a true picture of Islam to non-Muslim, and helps rid Muslim women of the inferiority complex which the materialistic and so-called advanced world has made them to feel.

The new converts have discussed issues which non-Muslim women and Muslim women who suffer from inferiority complex think lower their status. For example, the “Hijab” (veil) is considered by those who misunderstand Islam to be something that makes women hides their beauty. But people must not forget that in those days when christianity was taken very seriously in Europe and other parts of the world, it was unbecoming for a woman to leave her house without a scarf or to wear short dress with short sleeves.

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