Paradise On Earth

Murtaza Khan

By Murtaza Khan. This lecture looks at the reality of living in this dunya. It compares how a disbeliever sees and lives in this world as apposed to a Muslim. The disbelievers blaspheme about Allah with regards to how the world was created and they follow this up by blaspheming on the earth. Their goal is to seek the life of this world and gain from it that which fits their pleasures. A time will come when they will know reality. Muslims on the other hand see their life progress through 3 stages: when they are in their mothers womb; when they plant their seeds in this world and when they pluck the fruits of their efforts in paradise. A Muslim should live his life in this dunyah like a traveller who only stops to take refuge in the shade and sees this life only as a stepping stone to the hereafter. Muslims should seek the reward of the hereafter with the blessings Allah has given them in this world. The real Paradise is reserved for those who believe.

Listen on Youtube:

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