Du’aas In The Life Of A Muslim (Vol. 1 & 2) – A Collection Of Essential Du’aas For Everyday Life


Based on the Madressa text books: Du’aas in the Life of a Muslim and Basic Essentials for Muslims.

Arabic: Qari Altaf Hathodwi
English: Jazaar Raad

CD 1 Track Listing:

1.  Ta’a-Wuz, Tasmiyah
2.  Kalimah Tayyibah, Kalimah Shahaadah, Kalimah Tamjeed, Kalimah Tawheed, Kalima Radde Kufr, Imman-E-Mujmal, Imaan-E-Mufassal
3.  Before Making Wudhu, While Making Wudhu, After Making Wudhu
4.  Adhaan
5.  Adhaan Fajr
6.  Iqaamah
7.  Iqaamah Shaafi
8.  Reply to Adhaan and Iqaamah
9.  Dua After Adhaan
10  When Entering Masjid, When Leaving Masjid
11.  Salaah Duas:  Takbeer, Thanaa’, Ruku, Raising From Ruku, Standing After Ruku, Sajdah, Tashah-Hud, Tashah-Hud (Shafi’), Durood-E-Ibrahim, Dua After Durood-E-Ibrahim, Du’aa After Salaam, Du’aa-e-Qunoot, Du’aa-E-Qunoot (Shafi’)
12.  Before Sleeping, After Waking Up, Before Going To Bed
13.  On Entering The Toilet, On Leaving The Toilet
14.  On Seeing The New Moon
15.  Before Eating, After Eating, When Eating Elsewhere
16.  On Boarding A Car, On Bidding Someone Farewell, At The Time Of A Journey, After Beginning A  Journey, On Returning From A Journey
17.  For Fasting, On Breaking Fast, Making “Iftaari” At Someone Else’s House
18.  Sneezing
19.  When A Loss Occurs
20.  After Drinking Water
21.  When Looking Into A Mirror
22.  On Wearing A  New Garment
23.  Morning And Evening
24.  After Drinking Milk
25.  On Hearing Good News
26.  Greeting A  Muslim And Replying To The Greeting
27.  Expressing One’s Love To Another, Replying To One Who Expresses His Love
28.  When Seeing Another Muslim Cheerful
29.  On Thanking Someone

Direct Downloads:

CD 1 | CD 2

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