Ways To Instigate The Love Of Allaah


Daar Al-Watan Publishing House
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All praise is due to Allaah alone Who perfectly controls everything. May He send Salutations and exalt the mention of the Warner and the Bringer of Glad Tidings – our Prophet Muhammad, his family and all his companions.

One of the attributes of Allaah is that He loves His believing slaves in a fashion which befits His Majesty and Might; His slaves in turn love Him more than their wealth, children and their own selves.

Allaah says what means:

“Allaah will bring a people whom He will love and they will love Him.” (Al-Maa’idah:54)

It is mutual love between the Lord and His slaves:

“And of mankind are some who take (for worship) other besides Allaah as rivals (to Allaah). They love them as they love Allaah. But those who believe love Allaah more (than anything else).” (Al-Baqarah: 165)

The love of Allaah is a great rank which people compete to earn, strive to obtain, sacrifice for its sake and work hard to be worthy of. Love is the provision of hearts, the food of souls, a comfort for the eyes and the life which when people deprived themselves of it, die while they are still alive. This love is the light which when extinguished results in people living in darkness; it is the sweetness which when squandered, causes people to live their life in grief and agony.

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