Rulings Pertaining To Ramadaan – A Collection Of Works By Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid

Sheikh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 175 | Size: 5 MB

A compilation of five works dealing with fasting, Taraaweeh, I’tikaaf, Zakaat-ul-Fitr, and Eid.


1. Seventy Matters R elated to Fasting 9

Introduction 10
The Definition of Siyaam (Fasting) 13
Ruling on Fasting 13
The Virtues of Fasting 14
The Benefits of Fasting 17
Etiquette and Sunan of Fasting 18
What should be done in this Great Month 23
Some Rulings concerning Fasting 24
How is the Onset of Ramadan Determined? 25
Who is Obliged to Fast? 26
Travelers 28
The Sick 32
The Elderly 36
Niyyah (intention) in Fasting 37
When to Start and Stop Fasting 40
Things that Break the Fast 42
Rulings on Fasting for Women 52

2. The Night Prayer in Ramadan 59

Laylat Al-Qadr and its Timing 60
Praying Qiyaam in Congregation 61
Why did not the Prophet (PBUH) Continually Lead the Prayer in Congregation? 62
Women may Pray Qiyaam in Congregation 63
Number of Rak‘ahs of Qiyaam 63
Reciting Qur`aan in Qiyaam 64
The Timing of Qiyaam 66
Recitation during Three Rak‘ahs of Witr 68
Du‘aa al-Qunoot 69
What Should be Said at the End of Witr 71
Two Rak‘ahs after Witr 72

* Selected Verdicts regarding the Taraaweeh 73

– The Number of Rak‘ahs in Taraaweeh 73
– Completing with the Imaam 77
– Reciting the Entire Qur`aan in Taraaweeh 78
– The Imaam Holding a Mushaf 79
– One of the Followers Holding a Mushaf 79
– Supplication after the Completion of the Qur`aan 80
– Qunoot in the Witr and Fajr Prayers 82
– Raising the Hands in the Qunoot 83
– Joining the Taraaweeh with the Niyyah of ‘Ishaa 84
– Reading Qur`aan or Praying Nawaafil? 85
– Adding Another Rak‘ah to the Imaam’s Witr 86

3. I’tikaaf 87

Definition 88
The Benefits of I’tikaaf 88
The Connection between Fasting and I’tikaaf 90
With the Prophet (PBUH) in his I’tikaaf 91
His Guidance Concerning I’tikaaf 96
The Aims of I’tikaaf 99
Different Types of I’tikaaf 100
The Ruling on I’tikaaf 100
The Conditions of I’tikaaf 101
The Pillars of I’tikaaf 103
The Place, Time and Starting Point of I’tikaaf 104
The Aadaab (Etiquette) of I’tikaaf 105
Things which are Forbidden in I’tikaaf 108
Educational Aspects of I’tikaaf 109

4. Zakaat al-Fitr 117

Definition 118
Why Zakaat al-Fitr has been Legislated 118
Ruling on Zakaat al-Fitr 119
When it must be Given 120
Who must pay it? 120
Amount of Zakaat al-Fitr 123
Types of Things that my be Given 124
The Time for giving Zakaat al-Fitr 127
To Whom it may be Given 129
Payment and Distribution 130
Where to give Zakaat al-Fitr 132

5. Eid , Etiquette and Rulings 133

Muslims are Distinguished by their Festivals 135

1-  Ahkaam al-Eid (Rulings on Eid) 137

Fasting 137
Ruling on the Eid Prayers 137
Essentials and Timing of Eid Prayer 138
Description of the Eid Prayer 138
Recitation of Qur`aan in Eid Prayers 140
The Prayer comes before the Khutbah 140
Not Delaying the Prayer 142
Nafil Prayers in the Prayer-Place 142
Not Knowing about Eid until the Next Day 143
Women’s Attendance at Eid Prayers 143

2-  Aadaab al-Eid (Etiquettes of Eid) 147

Ghusl (Taking a Bath) 147
Eating before Coming Out 147
Takbeer on the Day of Eid 148
The Wording of the Takbeer 150
Congratulating One Another 150
Looking One’s Best for Eid 152
Ruling on Listening to the Eid Khutbah 153
Choosing Different Routes 155
A Caution against Wrongdoing 156

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