Salah: The Programming Towards Righteousness

Dr. Zakir Naik

Did you ever wonder why, at the exact moment when you stand for prayer, you wonder where you left your car keys? or, going into Ruku’, you realize you haven’t trimmed your toenails in a while? Seems silly, but this problem plagues the Ummah. Why? Basically, human beings have way more control over their physical bodies than their minds. It is very possible for us to complete the physical act of prayer perfectly while our minds wander. What, then, is the solution? Dr. Zakir Naik shows how filling one’s mind with the understanding of the Quran as well as memorizing more of the Quran will lead to a better control during prayer. Most Muslims recite the same surahs over and over, and do so in a mechanical fashion. They repeat the ayah without having to think about what they are saying, let alone understanding the meaning. Muslims must learn how to program their minds to be conscious of every word uttered in Salah. After all, Salah is more than merely a form of physical exercise.

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Download Salah: The Programming Towards Righteousness [Size: 1.6 GB]

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