The Importance Of Good Manners

Sheikh Abdullah Azzam

Allah does not take a martyr from amongst our brothers, nor does the hand of deatch snatch away one of the sons of our livers from those who accompany us on this path except that I cry frequently over my own self…

One comment on “The Importance Of Good Manners

  1. I enjoy islam for my hole life, and i thank you very very much for your contribution to spraid islam through world;
    God bless all of you and grant you all paradise for your doing.

    I only need sometime to keep some of the sound or audios in my laptop but i tried but i couls not, please can you make a keeping audio or videos so that i can in my turn explain people what is explined you know that islam is not deeply tought in our country, anyway i will in my turn do what i can.

    God bless all of you.

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