Interview With Sheikh Tameem Al-Adnani

Sheikh Tameem al Adnani

This interview was conducted in Ohio, US, in 1989 when Sheikh Tameem travelled to America with the intention of losing weight to particpate in the Afghan Jihad against the soviets. In America, he also taught the young Muslims and they began to compete to book him for lectures in the Islamic centres in their localities. It reached a point where he was booked for conference programmes which were to be held every weekend until the middle of October. The conferences sold out, and many people could not obtain tickets, even though they were trying to book months in advance! The unique thing about him is that Sheikh Tameem was not killed in battle, nor did he die in Afghanistan. Rather, he died of a heart attack in Orlando, Florida, USA. On 17 Rabi Al-Awwal 1410AH (18 October 1989).

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