Hur Al-Ayn – The Maidens Of Jannat (Paradise)

Moulana Abdullah Nana
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Allah (SWT) has placed in every human being the natural desire and inclination for gold, silver, money, transportation (cars), land, and other items of this world. The test for a person is how he responds to his desire for these items. If he uses these items to prepare for the hereafter, he will be successful. On the other hand, if he devotes himself to fulfilling his desire for these items and forgets about his purpose in this world, he will be amongst the losers in the hereafter.

Similarly, Allah (SWT) has placed in every person the natural desire for the opposite sex, and out of all the desires found in a person, the greatest test for a Muslim is how he fulfills this desire. He can either fail this test by spending all his energy to unlawfully satisfy this desire, or pass this test by remaining chaste and fulfilling this desire lawfully through marriage. Rasulullah (PBUH) said regarding the severity of this test, “I have not left a more harmful and severe temptation for men than women. ,,1 This test is even greater for us today because of the generally evil environment in which we are living in. It has become very easy to commit evil and it has become somewhat difficult to do good deeds because of this environment. As Rasulullah (PBUH) predicted, holding on to the commands of Allah (SWT) and staying away from evil during this time has become like holding on to a burning coal.

In order to motivate us to pass this test, it is very important for us to know what is the reward for controlling one’s desires and staying away from evil. It becomes very easy for a person to undergo difficulty and hardship to carry out an action when he knows what reward he will receive for doing this action. For example, a person will happily go to work every day and tire himself because he knows that he will receive his paycheck at the end of the month. In the same way, Allah (SWT) and his Rasul have given us a detailed description of the reward for controlling one’s desires in this world, i.e. Jannat (paradise).

Jannat is a place where a person will have all that he desires, and he will live a perfect (lad ever-lasting life. Each pleasure of Jannat will be far more superior than the comparable pleasure found in this world, and a person will be able to completely fulfill his desire for that pleasure. For example, a person in this world is always drinking liquids to quench his thirst. No matter how many delicious and tasty beverages he consumes, he will always become thirsty again in a few hours. But, in the hereafter, a person will be able to drink as much as he desires and quench his thirst permanently.
Similarly, the women of Jannat will be far more superior than the women of this world. Once a person comes to know of this, it will become very easy for him to stay away from evil and work towards the hereafter. This book contains a detailed description of these women based on the verses of the Qurfm, tafsir (explanation of the Quran), Ahadith, and stories of the pious.

The purpose of this book is to motivate us to work towards the hereafter and to control our desires in this world through marriage. We should not read this book as a fairy tale or a fantasy; rather we should understand that the contents of this book are a reality for which we should all work towards. It is our fundamental belief that Jannat and Jahannam (hellfire) are already in existence and a person will fulfill all his desires in Jannat both physically and spiritually. Continue reading