The Major Sins Series

Abu Usama Dhahabi

In these series of episodes Shaikh Abu Usama Dhahabi talks on the topic of the Major Sins Series, he explained in his talk the introduction to the topic , he has taken the topic from the book of Kabair by Imam Al-Dhahabi, and he explained the major sins that were mentioned in the book. A very interesting series.

Watch on Youtube

Direct Downloads:

Introduction | Shirk | Killing | Magic/Sorcery | Missing Salah/Prayer | Not Paying Zakat | Disobeying Parents | Riba/Interest/Usury | Devouring wealth of Orphans | Lying on the Prophet | Not Fasting Ramadan | Fleeing from Battle | Adultery / Fornication 1 | Adultery / Fornication 2 | Oppressive Ruler | Drinking Alcohol | Pride/Boasting

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