Islam: The Misunderstood Religion

Muhammad Qutb
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 277 | Size: 13.5 MB

Most of us have heard of the Hadith by the Prophet Mohamed (PBUH): “Islam began as something strange and will return to being something strange.” It seems like this Hadith is very relevant to what we are experiencing today. Islam is under the spotlight in the media, news, and debates. Many misunderstandings are arising concerning Islam, especially after September 11, 2001. This book by Muhammad Qutb aims to clear many of these misunderstandings and explain Islam as it really is.


1. Preface
2. Is Religion Antiquated?
3. Islam and Slavery
4. Islam and Feudalism
5. Islam and Capitalism
6. Islam and Private Ownership
7. Islam and The Class System
8. Islam and Alms
9. Islam and Woman
10. Islam and The Concept of Punishment
11. Islam and Civilization
12. Islam and Reactionarism
13. Islam and Sexual Repression
14. Islam and Freedom of Thought
15. Religion: The Opium of the People?
16. Islam and Non-Muslim! Communities
17. Islam and Idealism
18. Islam and Communism
19. What Next?

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One comment on “Islam: The Misunderstood Religion

  1. i tried to read many of your books MASHA ALLAAH. MAY ALMIGHTY ALLAH REWARD YOU.

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