The Shiites And Al-Aqsa Mosque

Tariq Ahmad Hijazi
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Perhaps some people will disapprove that we write about the position that Aqsa Mosque occupies in the hearts of the Muslims and in the Sharee’ah of Islam.  For, the sanctity of Al-Aqsa mosque is an incontestable fact among the Muslims and the position it occupies does not need any further explanation. The merits of this mosque are established by explicit texts from the Qur’an and the Sunnah and the consensus of the Muslims.

However, we are sure that the reader of this book will excuse us for the facts we are going to reveal, and realize how much we have been deceived by some  people who claim to support Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Land of Israa and to defend the oppressed Palestinian people and their sacred sites.

Therefore, it is very pertinent to rise up in defence of Al-Aqsa Mosque and to call attention to the fact that the Shiite books and their authorized sources, which they wrote with their own hands, indicate that they have no regard or recognition for Al-Aqsa Mosque in its present location and that, according to

them. They also hold that ‘real Al-Aqsa mosque’ is in the Heaven and that majority of people mistakenly believe that it is the mosque that is in Palestine!! We have tried to not leave out those claims without refutations that show their falsity. This is a contribution we can make to reveal the truth so that all  the Muslims will be aware of the enormity of the deception and fraud of those folks.

Through research and exhaustive study, we have affirmed that all those Jews and orientalists who have attempted to cast doubt on the position of the blessed  Al-Aqsa Mosque relied heavily, in support their vicious claims, on Shiite sources. They thereby used these sources as a weapon against foundations of our  Ummah with an aim to shaken the position of Al-Aqsa Mosque in our hearts.

We deem it suitable to point it out here that our goal is to unite the ranks of this Ummah to support our sacred sites and to love those individuals whom  Allah used to win these places for Islam. We also intend to block the way in the face of these Jewish ‘professors’ and orientalists who find in the Shiite  books, a ready tool for weakening the position that Al-Aqsa Mosque occupies in the hearts of the Muslims. As such, those dubious narrations whose goal is to  cast doubt on the sanctity of Al-Aqsa Mosque must be meticulously scrutinized and the sanctity of that mosque must be proved through argument and authentic evidences. Continue reading

Tears Of Al-Aqsa

Ahmad Ali

The article reads “The death of the young boy Abdura in front of the worlds cameras has brought home to everyone the dreadful and arrogant nature of the Israeli regime and its racist disregard for the worth of all non-Israeli lives young or old, what we have witnessed is no less then a state sanction, terrorism against a civilian population”…

The article reads “I have just been shot by the Israelis in my right leg my son Muhammad aged 12 hid behind me and griped my arm he didn’t stop crying he was terrified he pleaded with me for the love of God protect me father, I told him that when the shooting lead up we would get away I tried to calm him but all the time he kept saying dad I am afraid I want to go home, 5 mins later I was hit in the leg again a third bullet hit me in the stomach I made every effort to protect Muhammad, I called on the soldiers to stop shooting and I raised my hands then Muhammad was shot in the chest, he said to me Father don’t worry I will be aright until the ambulance comes, but after 3 minutes he stopped talking and died.

The soldiers continued to shoot and another bullet hit me in the leg only after 3 quarters of a hour did they stop shooting and an ambulance took us to the hospital but Muhammad wasent alive anymore”…

You can keep on reading pick up ‘The Times’ and you will see the article there pick up ‘The Independent’ and you will see the articles there, pick up the tabloids and you will see the articles there, listen to ‘The BBC’ or ‘The News at Ten’ or the world news and you will hear the same story, you can keep on reading I assure you your life will come to an end but articles like this describing these atrocities against the Muslims, describing the so-called ‘ethnic cleansing’ of the Muslims will never come to an end… Continue reading