Arabic-English Dictionary: The Hans Wehr Dictionary Of Modern Written Arabic

J. Milton Cowan
Language: Arabic – English | Format: PDF | Pages: 1130 | Size: 40 MB

The Hans Wehr Dictionary of Modern Written Arabic combines authority and compactness, providing the serious student of the Arabic language with an essential resource in their pursuit. What distinguishes it from other dictionaries is its arrangement according to the root letters of a word. In addition to this, its also rich in common and classical phrase and examples of use. Continue reading

Arabic-English Dictionary Of Qur’anic Usage

El-Said M. Badawi and M. A. Abdel Haleem
Language: Arabic – English | Format: PDF | Pages: 1097 | Size: 8 MB

The Qur’an is the living source of all Islamic teaching, and is of singular importance to those interested in Islam and the study of religions. Despite this, there exists a long-felt lack of research tools for English first-language speakers who wish to access the Qur’an in the original Arabic. The Dictionary of Qur’anic Usage is the first comprehensive, fully-researched and contextualised Arabic-English dictionary of Qur’anic usage, compiled in accordance with modern lexicographical methods by scholars who have a lifelong immersion in Qur’anic Studies. Based on Classical Arabic dictionaries and Qur’an commentaries, this work also emphasises the role of context in determining the meaning-scatter of each vocabulary item. Illustrative examples from Qur’anic verses are provided in support of the definitions given for each context in which a particular word occurs, with cross-references to other usages. Frequently occurring grammatical particles are likewise thoroughly explained, insofar as they are used in conveying various nuances of meaning in the text. Continue reading

Four Key Concepts From The Qur’an

M. Mawdudi
Language: English | Format: PDF | Pages: 32 | Size: 1 MB

Ilah, Rabb, Deen and ’Ibadah, are four terms basic to the whole teaching of the Qur’an. Through- out its pages, it  stresses again and again that Allah Almighty is the Rabb and the Ilah ;that there is no ilah but He, nor is there  any other rabb, nor does He share with anyone else the qualities and attributes implied by these terms. He, and He  alone should therefore be accepted as one’s Ilah and Rabb, and no-one else should in the least be believed to  possess the attributes which these words imply. It also demands that we should give our ibadah to Him and Him  alone, and not to anyone else, and make our deen exclusive to Him and reject all other deens! And to every  Messenger We ordained before you (O Prophet), the message which We gave for himself and for others) was none other  than that ”There is no Ilah but Myself, and therefore give your ’ibadah to Me alone… Continue reading

Al-Mawrid – A Modern Arabic-English Dictionary

Dr. Rohi Baalbaki
Language: Arabic – English | Format: PDF | Pages: 1257 | Size: 29 MB

Al-Mawrid – A Modern Arabic – English Dictionary. Authoritative and probably the most popular Arabic bilingual dictionary. An indispensable tool for students, researchers and translators. Unlike conventional Arabic dictionaries, this is arranged alphabetically for ease of use by those not knowing the root letters. Continue reading

The Easy Dictionary Of The Qur’an

Shaikh AbdulKarim Parekh
Language: Arabic – English | Format: PDF | Pages: 276 | Size: 4 MB

The Qur’an is the final revealed Book that contains the message of guidance from Allah for all humankind. Accordingly, the salvation as well as worldly welfare of the entire humanity depends upon following the guidance ordained in this Divine Book. In other words, success in this world as well as the Hereafter for humankind is treasured in this great Book. Therefore, there is an endless need to compile Qur’anic expositions (in the context of modern challenges and evolving circumstances) while calling people towards understanding its eternal message. Before you start reading this dictionary of the Qur’an, you should keep in mind that the Qur’an is not a book of theories, rather it is a practical book of guidance, to be read and acted upon. As you go through this book, you should simultaneously read the original Arabic texts of the Qur’an. In addition, a translation of Qur’an is of further help. In a few months, Insha-Allah, you will have learnt to translate the Arabic verses into your own language. It is then that you will realize the value of this little dictionary. Once you have memorized the words of the Qur’an together with their meanings, you will discover new feelings from the recitation of the Qur’an. As a matter of fact, you will feel that Allah has removed darkness from your mind and lit your heart with His Noor (Light), Insha-Allah. Continue reading