Ulum Al-Qur’an: (An Introduction To The Science Of The Qur’an)


By Navaid Aziz

Part 1 : An introduction
Part 2 : The Basmallah and How the Quran was Preserved
Part 3 : Revelation and that which is related to
Part 4 : Compilation of the Quran Continue reading

Ulum Al-Hadith: (An Introduction To The Science Of The Hadith)


Navaid Aziz

Navaid Aziz was born in Canada. After completing his studies there, he was accepted into the Islamic University of Madinah. After having obtained a diploma in the arabic language, he is currently pursuing a bachelors in Sharee’ah. He has studied under many great scholars including, and more specifically with: Saaleh As-Sindee, Ahmad Rashid Ar-Ruhaily, Saalih al-‘Aqeel, and Ahmad Al-Ghunaymaan. Continue reading

[Ulum Al Qur’an] An Introduction To The Sciences Of The Qur’an


Ahmad von Denffer
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The Qur’an contains the revelations of Allah, the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe, to mankind. It is the message from God to man and therefore of utmost importance to us. To properly grasp a message, one needs first of all to understand its contents exactly, and for this purpose one must study the Qur’an deeply and in detail. In fact, some people do spend their whole lives studying the Qur’an, reading and reflecting upon it and, as they grow and develop, both physically and spiritually, they discover for themselves new meanings and implications. Secondly, some special knowledge of the circumstances that surround the message is also necessary for fuller understanding of its meaning and implications. Although some part of this special knowledge can be derived from the Qur’an itself, there remain other areas of knowledge that can only be discovered by wider study and research. Muslims have from earliest times, applied themselves not only to the message from Allah the Qur’an but also to its setting and framework, and the preoccupation with these ultimately developed into the ‘sciences’ of or ‘knowledge’ about the Qur’an, known as “ulum al-qur’an’. The contents of this book are an Introduction to the Sciences of Quran.  This concise book deals with traditional Quaranic subjects such as the meaning of revelation, history and transmission of Quaranic text, asbab al-nuzul, exegesis, etc. Ulum al-Qur’an also contains issues of more recent origin, for instance the recording of the Qur’an and orientalists’ views regarding the Quran. The concluding chapter of this literature contains valuable practical advice for reading and studying the Holy Book of Islam. Continue reading