The Digital Device to Introduce Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy

This program is to increase our children’s awareness of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It mentions approximately all of his life aspects from birth to death referring to his unique qualities and exemplary behavior, all of that are in simple way and in a few words to be suitable for our children’s minds. Afterwards it talks about five topics concerning the Prophet’s characteristics (peace be upon him) in dealing with environment, women, children, animals and even with those who disagree with him on belief. Finally, it refers to some simple adhkaar (prayers) and good anasheed (songs) for our children.


Direct Download:

Download The Digital Device to Introduce Muhammad, the Prophet of Mercy


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9 comments on “Muhammad

  1. may almighty Allah (sw) reward you jannatul a’laa for your effort to quench the thirst of the ummah.

  2. I ‘ve been downloading and reading many books from this sites, especially all about our prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
    I pray to Allah for giving all those who share this material His eternal rewards and blessing.
    May Allah Guide us all the way.
    Shukran katheeran.

  3. I downloaded many books from this website, and just read the one titled “WHY ALLAH DECREEs WARS AND CATARSTROPHES”by Allah it’s as if i’ve never read the passages of the qur’an used in the book in my life.I pray Allah to bless who ever is involved in publishing this khutbah,the entire team that is behind the running of this blessed website, and the imaam who delivered this khutbah,to grant them the company of those that will be under His shade,on the day when there will be no shade ecxept His.And to also protect all of us from the evil wishpers of ashaitan

  4. Assalamu Alaikum.

    This is an excellent site and a huge opportunity for all of us to spread the message about the Prophet of Mercy.
    Allah sent his messengers to show us the right way to him , to show us how to pray , to know about Allah and Mohammed peace be upon him is his last messenger guided us to Allah .

  5. I want to say for every one can speak english he must read these books and another about our prophet MUHAMMED cause he will be man who is advising people and talk about our prophet by english

  6. Assalamalakum

    I have a friend of mine that is interested in learning more about Islam. She has taken in on how I have embraced Islam in my life and she has question on every aspect of the religion. Unlike her I was born into Islam and the events and things we do in Islam are normal for me. But to her it is foreign and peeks her to learn more. I have done the best I can to answer her questions, so I am asking you if you are able to provide me with brochures that are clear and to the point information that can answer, what is to be a Muslim. I would appreciate it if I can get the holy Quran in english

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