The Guidance Of Our Children

Mohammad El-shinawy

Our children are our best investment for the future of Islam – we need as Muslims to start taking this Amanah (trust) seriously and take responsibility through action.

All of you are shepherds, and each one is responsible for his flock. A leader of people is a shepherd and responsible for them. A man is like a shepherd over his family, and he is responsible for his flock. A woman is like a shepherd over her husband’s house and children, and she is responsible for them. And a slave is a guardian of his master’s property and is responsible for it. So all of you are guardians and are responsible for your charges.” (Al-Bukhari and Muslim). Continue reading

Nurturing Eeman In Children

Dr. Aisha Hamdan
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A plethora of parenting books on the market these days covers every aspect of dealing with your children. From the terrible twos to the troublesome teens, you will have no problem finding multitudes of books claiming to point you in the right direction when it comes to raising your children.

Whether you’re aiming to raise a baby Einstein, or just looking for some hints on how to handle an unruly tyke or teen, you will no doubt find plenty of advice.

Nurturing Eeman in Children, however, addresses an aspect of child-rearing that is vitally important, and is not touched upon in the mainstream selections that we are so familiar with. In her book, Dr. Hamdan clearly and in no uncertain terms explains the importance of instilling in our children a strong connection to their Creator and a love for the religion that He has chosen for us and them. From this book, you will learn the what, why, and the how of raising a righteous and faithful Muslim child.

The focus on this book will be on nurturing the next generation and installing Islamic values and eeman (faith) in them from a very young age. Those who have taken the remedy from the time of birth will find it less difficult or strange to continue it throughout their lifetime. It will naturally flow and progress as the person develops and grows through each phase of life. In actuality, children have within them a very special seed known as the fitrah. The fitrah is the innate, inborn tendency to know Allah., to believe in the oneness of Allah , and to develop eeman. The seeds of eeman are already planted and only need to be nurtured lovingly in order to grow beautiful, flowering plants.  For this reason, the book in entitled Nurturing Eeman In Children.

About The Author:

Dr. Aisha Hamdan is an Assistant Professor of Behavioural Sciences in the College of Medicine at the University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. She has a PhD in clinical Psychology from West Virginia University and a Bachelor’s degree in Islamic Studies from the American Open University. Continue reading

Kindness To Parents

Abdul-Malik Al-Qasim
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Kindness to Parents is a very enlightening booklet by Abdul Malik Al-Qasim. He has collected several stories and narrations that demonstrate the Birr (being dutiful) and kindness to our righteous Salaf towards their parents’ needs and necessities, in obedience to Allah’s worship in sincerity. He refers from the Noble Qur’an that a man is never allowed to say ‘Uff” (fie) if he smells a bad order coming from his parents or one of them.

The author has exposed shortcomings and errors of many among us who don not preserve the rights of their parents. Continue reading

Children Around The Prophet

Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi

Dr. Hesham Al-Awadi was born in Kuwait and educated in the United Kingdom. He completed his BA, MA, MPhil and PhD. in the field of Middle Eastern Politics and History, in various British universities including the University of Cambridge. He also has a Diploma in Islamic Studies from the Institute of Islamic Studies, Cairo. He is an author of numerous books and is a lecturer of Middle Eastern History at the Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies, University of Exeter, UK. Continue reading

The Islamic Ruling On The Peace Process

Ali At-Timimi

[And indeed, there is among them a party who alter the Scripture with their tongues so you may think it is from the Scripture, but it is not from the Scripture. And they say, “This is from Allah,” but it is not from Allah. And they speak untruth about Allah while they know.] Ali-Imran 3/78

[And the Jews and the Christians say, “We are the Children of Allah and His beloved.” Say: “Then why does He punish you for your sins?” Rather, you are humans from among (all the others) that He created.] Al-Maa’idah 5/18

[And the Jews say, “The hand of Allah is chained.” Chained are their hands and cursed are they for what they say. Rather, both His hands are extended; He spends however He wills.] Al-Maa’idah 5/64

[And they were covered with humiliation and poverty and returned with anger from Allah (upon them). That was because they (repeatedly) disbelieved in the signs of Allah and killed the Prophets without right. That was because they disobeyed and were (habitually) transgressing.] – Baqarah 2/61. Continue reading

Declaration To The Egyptian Nation Particular And To The Arab And Muslim Nations In General

Ahmad Ibn Muhammad Shakir al-Misri
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Now that the issue has become clear – the issue between us and our enemies – the British and their allies. And it has become clear to the enemies’ children amongst us – those who have suckled the enemies’ breast milk, and to the slaves of the enemies amongst us – those who have handed over their minds and souls to the enemies. Now that the issue has become clear, we whom were raised upon the correct, Islāmic Fitrah are in no doubt about what will happen and the worse that shall occur.

Now that the issue has become clear; Now that the Egyptian nation in its totality has declared its position and desire; Now that al-Azhar has declared its correct position regarding relations with the enemies and supporting them; Thus it is an obligation that the Muslims know the proper, Islāmic regulations on combat and what is relevant. They must have clear awareness, so almost everyone is able to differentiate between the enemy and the ally, and between what is permissible in war and what is impermissible, and between what is obligatory and what is prohibited. So the action of the Muslim in Jihād becomes a correct and pure action – sincerely for Allāh’s pleasure alone. If he is victorious, he is victorious as a Muslim – having the reward of a Mujāhid in this life and the Afterlife. And if he is killed, he is a martyr.

The British have declared against the Muslims of Egypt a destructive and treacherous war – a war of aggression and colonization. They declared it in Sudan – a masked and disguised war, disguised by so-called benefit and opportunities for Sudan and its people. They made it appear delicious by the deception of self-rule, which the Egyptians were fooled by before. Continue reading

The Rights Of Children In Islam

Shaykh Muhammad Salih Al-Munajjid
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Islamic Legislation takes great interest in, and attaches great importance to children, and many rulings,  etiquettes and instructions were laid down concerning them. Unfortunately, we live in a time were the radiant sun  of Islamic rulings has set; knowledge has disappeared; and blind imitation of the west and ignorance in general is  widespread. Many Muslims who fell in love with the western way of life became interested in how the westerners take care of their children, as well as what they do to bring joy and happiness to their children; at the same time,  these Muslims neglected everything that Islam has to offer in this regard. This book is an adaption of a friday  khutbah given by Sheikh Muhammed Salih Al-Munajjid explaining how the Muslim should raise his children. Continue reading

Raising Children In Islam

Muhammad Nur Suwayd
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Worship and doctrine are two inseperable things because doctrine represents the theoretical aspect of Islam whereas worship represents its practical aspect.  So, worship is the soul of doctrine that gives it life and the mirror that reflects its image.  When a child turns his little face to his lord and responds to His Commands he is, by this, only fulfilling and satisfying a natural instinct inside him.  Dr. Sa’id al-Buti referred to this saying, “But in order to make the doctrine strongly implanted in the soul, it must be irragated with the water of worship.  Worship in its various images and shapes will make the doctrine grow and flourish in the heart and will make it stand firm in front of the hardships of life”.

A child is not oliged to observe the preceps of religion.  Nevertheless the stage of childhood must be a stage of preparation and practice.  This makes it easy for a child when reaching maturity -the age of  obligation- to perform the duties and the compulsory acts of worship and he thus becomes ready to confront the troubles of life confidently and courageously. Continue reading

Child Education In Islam

Abdullah Nasih Ulwan
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This book outlines the basic Islamic concepts in child education. The author has tried to coordiante the main ideas, as well as the basics precepts for raising Muslim children in all the different spheres of life. First of all, the importance of correct belief and faith cannot be inculcated in young children except through the teaching and example of their parents; and obviously, the role of the mature and religious mother is foremost. This state of harmony can only be achieved when matrimonial relations are relatively stable. Care is to be taken in providing young children with all the necessary elements in the fields of ethical, physical and psychological education. This cannot be overemphasized. It is established that the common ailments of human societies, personal as well as social, find their remedy in monotheism and justice. Therefore, emphasis on these two moral principles is essential. Muslim children must develop a clear understanding of the concept of the oneness of Allah, mainly through the performance of devotional acts of worship, to Him, and through developing a sense of justice in all personnel and social dealings. The author has briefly outlined these glorious concepts in this book. Through his deep understanding of Islam, and his eminent conviction and personal adherence to its glorious principles, he introduces this book to the readers, with all practical instructions, with the intention of helping to build up a Muslim nation, worthily to uphold the honorable tenets of the Glorious Qur’an and Sunnah. Continue reading